Title Confirmation

Confirming and correcting title for patents does not need to be time consuming or expensive.

Prior to IPwe, confirming and correcting title for patents was both time consuming and expensive. In early 2019, IPwe will offer the world’s first electronic title verification reports.

Title Issue Identification:

Patent owners, licensees, acquirers, counsel and investors will soon be able to identify patent title issues quickly using IPwe Title Reports

  • IPwe users will soon be able to leverage the Global Patent Registry and Zuse Analytics to find gaps and inaccuracies in patent chains-of-title

Title Correction:

Patent owners will be able to correct any title problems quickly, easily and cost-effectively through the IPwe Platform

  • After receiving the IPwe Title Report, the patent owner will be able to decide whether they want to further review and correct any title issues identified
  • Using IPwe smart contracts, patent owners will be able to obtain the forms they need and complete and file these forms to correct title issues
  • For early adopters, there will be no charge by IPwe for providing this service— owners will only pay applicable patent office fees

Gold Level Verification:

With IPwe Confirmed Titles and Gold Level Verification, you can be confident when selling, acquiring, financing or transacting in a portfolio that there are no issues clouding ownership

How IPwe Solves the Title Problem

IPwe’s Global Patent Registry, the first publicly available, worldwide, patent and patent publications ownership registry system answers the question of patent ownership. The Global Patent Registry is a blockchain-based system that applies distributed trust and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to provide reliable title information available to anyone who needs this information. IPwe leverages its deep knowledge of chain-of-title issues, AI and the Global Patent Registry to provide title confirmation services to all market participants including patent owners, acquirers, licensees, counsel, brokers and investors.

Intermediaries, like brokers and counsel, face the same issues as their clients when it comes to chain-of-title issues in patent transactions. The tedious task of reviewing a patent portfolio’s chains-of-title is not a valuable use of time for intermediaries who could instead be applying their resources toward delivering higher-value services to their clients. By handing off title confirmation work to IPwe, the intermediary saves its client money and frees up its own resources for providing its specialized services to clients.

Title Confirmation Offers

A transparent price quote that lists all patent office fees

Swift execution

Cost reduction

Patent Owner identifies patents included in Patent Owner's portfolio (entire portfolio or segment transacting) and electronically submits to Zuse Analytics and clicks "Patent Title Report"

Zuse Analytics compares ownership records at various Patent Offices and the Global Patent Registry (GPR) and using AI analytics, issues a Patent Title Report indicating any patent ownership title discrepancies identified

Patent Owner electronically selects any patent records it wishes to correct

Smart Contracts are utilized to identify required Patent Office forms and procedures to correct any title defects. The required forms are provided to Patent Owner for completion, review and execution and filing with appropriate Patent Office

GPR is updated

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