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IPwe leverages the power of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to bring transparency, analysis and liquidity to patents.

The Global Patent Registry (a secure, open blockchain registry for the world’s patents) and Zuse Analytics (a sophisticated and proven AI platform), offer unprecedented free public access to critical patent information and analytics.

IPwe has invested over $20 million into categorizing, analyzing and validating millions of patents granted by patent offices around the globe. Our goal is to increase the rate of innovation, commercialization and increase the ROI for government and private and non-profit stakeholders by lowering the barriers to entry for patent transactions.

Platform Benefits

Unlimited Free Access to World Class Patent Analytics
Get access to Zuse Analytics, our AI suite of tools, that have been trained over the last 10 years with a heavy focus on making validity information more accessible and easier to understand.

Benefit and Learn from Real World Experience
Blockchain is simply a better way to accomplish certain things and will change the way we all do business. IPwe is happy to share its experience in designing and building blockchain solutions in the patent space without a fee to patent offices. There simply is no reason not to access a free resource with more experience in building blockchain and AI-enabled patent solutions than anyone else.

Promote and Accelerate Transparency
Without promoting a particular solution, patent offices are able to demonstrate their interest in promoting technological innovation and transparency.

Buy/Sell Nothing
IPwe does not have a product or service it is interested in selling to patent offices. IPwe benefits by accessing information from the patent offices that chose to make this information available. The big difference is we take this information and clean it, analyze it, repackage it and make it available without fees. IPwe is a transaction business focused on lowering the cost of patent ownership.

Improve Accuracy
We all know that from data entry errors to affirmative attempts to obscure information, patent office records contain too many errors. By sharing patent information with IPwe, we are able to identify these errors and encourage patent owners to correct them. By reducing costs and resources required for patent owners to correct errors, they are more encouraged to make corrections.

Open Platform

  • IPwe believes that better access to information fosters a more transparent ecosystem. IPwe offers a suite of convenient useful services including smart contracts for licensing and acquisitions, portfolio management, maintenance fee payments and other transactions – one platform that can interact, manage and transact patents globally.
  • IPwe’s innovations will strengthen transactional benefits. Today, doing simple things such as paying an annuity or licensing a patent involves a number of intermediaries and manual cross-border communications. Our Smart Contracts reduce complexity and costs, by insuring the integrity and automation of distributed tasks.

Benefits for Patent Offices

A way to gain exposure to blockchain without significant investment; Promoting lowering the cost of ownership

AI analytics – a better way to check validity

Promoting engagement with the patent ecosystem; Promoting transparency

Patent Office grants a patent to a Patent Owner

Patent Owner sends funds to Patent Office for annuity payment to renew the patent

The Global Patent Registry is updated

Patent Owner funds paid to Patent Office for annuity payment

Smart Contract govern:
• Identification of patents
• Identification of patent owner
• Payment of annuities

IPwe Platform provides:
• Update to Global Patent Registry
• Analysis
• Annuity payment
• Future tokenization opportunity
• IPwe Smart Contracts

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