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IPwe makes it simpler, faster and far less expensive to license patents for all parties involved.

Patent Licensing Today

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Tends to be a “reactive” and largely manual process

The licensing market exhibits a “demand” or “buy side” problem, but most solutions focus on “supply” issues

Cost and resource commitments constrain the market and deter transactions in the “middle market”

Transactions costs are too high

Some transactions require extensive human interaction – many do not

Introducing the IPwe Platform, a new way to transact


  • AI Analytics assess the quality, validity & market value of patent
  • Buyer identification connects you to likely parties to transact
  • Secure Transaction Room controls who can see & transact offer
  • Electronic Contracts, forms & templates, governed by platform
  • Electronic Payment, with smart contracts governing execution
  • Data room, and chat capabilities to engage & exchange documents


  • IPwe platform matches you to suitable assets to acquire

  • AI-Powered analytics help you evaluate patent quality

  • Standard pricing mechanism to ensure price fairness

  • Secure Facilities to protect anonymity in transactions


  • IPwe platform identifies high value patents in portfolio

  • Dedicated deal team to support in offer creation

  • Buyer prediction, claim analysis & sales materials

  • Access to global network of 3rd party experts & brokers

Key Benefits

  • Automate low level analysis and administrative burden

  • Manage transactions electronically & securely

  • Automatically match high value assets to buyers

  • Connect to global network of buyers and technologies


A predictable and extremely low cost of transaction

A set of no cost AI-enabled analytic tools and features designed to make the process less resource intensive and help you identify potential licensees, and identify patents you should consider for license

Tools to help you organize the licensing process, including pre-populated customizable forms, and form agreements

Built in contract management in your forms or ours that handle notice, payment and required future actions, with rules set by you that save time and money

Patent Owner licenses Licensees under selected patents

Patent Owner collects payments / royalties from Licensees

Licensing Smart Contract governs:
• Automatic execution, including payment
• Identification of patents
• Terms of License
• Whether any terms are made public or not

IPwe Platform provides:
• Analysis
• IPwe Smart contracts
• Title verification
• Reporting
• Annuity payment
• Royalty administration
• Transactional support


How does IPwe expedite the transaction process and reduce the resources required to complete a license for all parties

Transaction Step

Identification of patents Licensor desires to License

Tends to be a “reactive” process and largely manual process based on changes in business and views on core and non-core patent assets

AI assisted process where you can become more proactive and stay on top of candidates to be licensed with fewer resources

  • AI assists in identification
  • Summary information can be quickly assembled for all internal approvals

Identification of patents a Licensee may desire to obtain a license under

Largely a manual process where the potential Licensee must research and identify potential licensing candidates or individually assess patents being asserted

AI assisted process where you can quickly identify potential licensing candidates and complete a high-level review of their attributes in a fraction of the time

  • AI assists in identification
  • Summary information on coverage, relevancy, validity and valuation is readily available

Licensor diligence

  • Title
  • Relevance
  • Maintenance fees
  • Entire family
  • Encumbrances
  • Other low-level DD
  • Infringement

A manual process

Other than encumbrances, an AI driven process

Data Room

To be set up manually

Part of the IPwe Platform

Contract preparation

A manual process

IPwe provides the ability to use both standard agreements and a licensor’s preferred forms

Payment Processing

Parties have to organize invoicing and order a wire payment and check its proper execution

IPwe Platform invoices, processes payment and automates patent assignment upon payment receipt

Royalty Management

A manual or outsourced process

IPwe automatically tracks reporting obligations and processes royalty reports and payment

Contract Compliance

Contract includes only non-self-executing provisions

Automated tracking of payments and execution of what the contract commands pursuant to smart contracts

Contract Management

Up to parties to manually store contracts

IPwe provides parties with a life-long secure contract repository

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