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IPwe and Templum Markets are enabling companies to efficiently finance their patented intellectual property.

Executive Summary

IPwe and Templum Markets are enabling companies to efficiently finance their patented intellectual property, turning the hundreds of billions of dollars invested in obtaining and maintaining patents into a financeable asset class.

Unlocking the value of intellectual property is attractive for SMEs and Fortune 100s alike. For capital providers, these offerings cover a variety of structures, deal sizes and risk levels, delivering return streams that fulfill the mandates of the largest alternative credit funds, family offices, or individual accredited investors.

IPwe and Templum Markets, LLC, a FINRA registered broker dealer and Alternative Trading System (ATS), as well as insurance providers and other partners are bringing liquidity to the patent asset class.

Companies: Like most others, your company spends a significant amount of money obtaining and maintaining its patent assets. For the typical Fortune 500 company and many SME’s, intangible assets constitute over 70% of total balance-sheet assets. IPwe financing opportunities are designed for companies that have a strong patent portfolio and seek non-dilutive financing transactions, ranging from $10 million to $200 million+.

INVESTORS: The market for patent-based financings has been stagnant for three reasons:

  • Lack of Expertise: Patents are an esoteric asset class and it is
    expensive to explore and evaluate their profit potential;
  • Lack of Volume: It is difficult to commit to a transaction type
    with only a small number of comparable transactions taking
    place in a given year; and
  • Lack of Liquidity: Lending to the patent asset class is currently
    highly illiquid—once you are in, you can’t get out.

IPwe leverages expertise and experience to effectively screen and bring the most attractive transactions to market. Fewer than 1 in 20 transactions make it through our evaluation process. Our founder and predecessor companies have participated in over $2 billion of patent financing transactions. We built the AI tools, systems, networks and partnerships to identify and execute on these transactions.

Our robust deal pipeline assures that we are constantly screening millions of dollars of potential financing, with $200+ million of deal flow currently at the MoU or Term Sheet phase. We anticipate that by the end of 2019, IPwe and its partners will offer and close at least four patent-based financing transactions per quarter.

Templum acts as agent and creates liquidity by providing the Reg D and Delaware law compliant ATS infrastructure: a matching engine for market and limit orders, displayed through a 24/7 quotation bureau that shows depths of Markets and allows for indication of interests in privately negotiated transactions.

The Templum platform has connectivity to individual investors, high net worth investors, institutional investors and liquidity providers who utilize the price discovery and historical data available on Templum. These secondary investors have access to information provided by the issuer. This combination of process, product and participants bring the previously elusive liquidity, efficiency, and transparency to the IP asset class.

IPwe is Innovating
in Patent Finance:

IPwe works closely with patent owners, a network of intermediaries and financing resources to help bring the best patent financing transactions to market, expanding the number of opportunities available to companies and investors.

If you have any additional questions please contact your IPwe representative or email us at viktoriya@ipwe.com.

Patent Owner pledges patents to Lenders/Investors through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV); Patent Owner, through the SPV, repays the loan

SPV borrows funds from Investors/Lenders and loans money to Patent Owner

Patent Offices are informed about the pledge and release

Templum Markets organizes liquidity of the Smart Securities among Lenders/Investors

Smart contracts govern:
• Automatic execution, including payment
• Identification of patents and parties
• Terms of loan
• Smart Security holders’ rights

IPwe Platform provides:
• Analysis/reporting
• IPwe Smart contracts
• Reporting
• Annuity payment
• Title verification
• Research
• Transactional support
• Portfolio management
• Licensing strategy
• Risk management solutions

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