Global Patent Registry

The First Hyperledger-Enabled Registry of the World’s Patents. Transparent, Immutable and Always Free of Charge to Owners and Users

Ownership and Basic Information Available Free of Charge to Everyone

The Global Patent Registry (GPR) is the world’s first blockchain-enabled registry of the world’s patents that provides full transparency in patent identification and ownership. The GPR is free of charge.

  • Built on Hyperledger
  • Brings transparency and basic information to the patent ecosystem free of charge
  • “Apps” sit on top of the GPR and make the patent ecosystem better

Relevant Data with the Integrity Immutably Maintained

The Global Patent Registry (GPR) provides basic information like title and, when available, contains every record relevant to a particular patent along with a wealth of contextual information that may be offered by the owner, patent offices or the market.

One place to obtain all relevant information needed

Eliminates the cost and expense and curious business models that have been built around the continual development of progressively bad data

Transferring or obtaining data no longer takes days or weeks – it takes seconds

Want to change from one service provider to another? The data transfer process is no longer an impediment

We hear many stories about how changing IPMS management system/annuity payment providers is difficult and used to maintain high pricing—the GPR eliminates this problem.

  1. Data verification and data cleansing requirements are eliminated
  2. Load your data one time and you have a free, immutable, up to date record of every case you own – no data overhead, no conversion costs and you are no longer at the mercy of high priced intermediaries that add limited value
  3. Control your intermediary interactions, leverage your position to encourage intermediaries to deliver high value services

How It Works

Built on Hyperledger

Brings transparency and basic information to the patent ecosystem free of charge

“Apps” sit on top of the GPR and make the patent ecosystem better






Maintenance Fees

Why Verify Your Patents on the GPR?


Transparency icon

Promote transparency – the patent system is based on disclosure, not hiding ownership


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Increase your profile as an innovation leader


Publicize icon

Publicize your patent commitments (LOT, OSS, SEP,…) on an open, secure and immutable registry and allow others to verify these commitments


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Let IPwe use our AI tools to help you identify ownership/title discrepancies as part of the GPR registration process – also free of charge


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Make it easier for potential commercialization and development partners, buyers and licensees to find you and your patents to expand commercial and social opportunities


Truth Icon

Help create the universal single source of truth of patent ownership, fixing the 30% assignment error inaccuracy rate at worldwide patent offices

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