Anyone interested in the patent marketplace is encouraged to use IPwe to search patents. The standard version of IPwe Analytics is available for everyone.


Executive Summary

Analytics is an artificial intelligence-based tool developed by IP professionals and world-renowned artificial intelligence experts over the last 10 years that provides relevant patent information to a variety of users.

Patent Professionals:

For experts in the field like lawyers and patent researchers, Analytics brings to your lap top information you can use to make your professional analysis far more efficient. Analytics gives you the answers you need to permit you to focus on the high value work that your clients expect of you.


If you are interested in a particular technology area, Analytics can provide you with guidance on what technology currently exists in a particular area so that you can quickly determine the state of the art and where your inventive time can best be spent.

Financial Professionals:

Before deciding on whether to spend additional resources, you simply want probability weighted answers to fundamental questions that give you an indication of a patent’s likely relevance, validity and value.

Analytics is easy to use and can drill down to whatever level you need. If you want a high-level “answer” or if you are looking for which segment in a particular reference is likely relevant to a validity determination, Analytics provides these capabilities. Analytics is free to use. Analytics does not track or advertise.

Traditionally, due diligence and analysis on a patent portfolio have been expensive and extremely time consuming. Many participants in the patent market simply rely on a simple “google” search followed by a human review. This approach fails to take advantage of superior technology that scales and provides more valuable results.

Analytics helps you make better business decisions with intellectual property data at your fingertips. IPwe Analytics is the first analytic tool which implements a suite of cutting-edge machine learning and AI techniques to revolutionize patent analytics. IPwe Analytics includes access to over 59 million patent records and two million technical publications. Analytics focuses you in on answers and, for those that wish to go deeper, the information behind those answers. Using sophisticated and proprietary methods, not only provides a targeted list of documents to the user but also scores documents based on their relevance (to a particular text query) and their overall quality (in relation to a body of literature).

IPwe Analytics is a great resource for anyone interested in the patent market.

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A powerful, intuitive patent analytics tool

Identifiable valuable and marketable patents in your portfolio, reducing time intense manual documentation review

Rankings based on quality and validity

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