Spangenberg expands services business with new AI acquisition

IPwe, the IP services business set up by Erich Spangenberg, has acquired AI-focused analytics company  ClearAccessIP

IPwe is pleased to announce our merger with AI-focused analytics company ClearAccessIP. ClearAccessIP has brought leading edge technology to the patent analytics space with their strong expertise in linguistic based AI analytics and patent valuation solutions.  

IPwe leverages the power of artificial intelligence, data mining and predictive analytics to unlock global patent value through the IPwe Platform. The addition of the ClearAccess team and their AI capabilities is a tremendous step towards the rise of the new Patent Asset Class. 

A quote from our CEO Erich Spangenberg: “I have known Nicole for years and knew she and the ClearAccess team built something great, since consolidation in this space is inevitable, I thought it made a lot of sense to merge with the best.”

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April 29, 2020

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