IPwe Selected to Participate in IBM Blockchain Accelerator Program

PARIS, January 22, 2019 — IPwe, Inc., the leader in technology solutions for transacting in patents and patent services, has been selected to participate in the IBM Blockchain Accelerator. The accelerator is designed for later-stage growth companies like IPwe and focused on building out an enterprise business network and client base to scale their platform.

During this program, IPwe will explore best practices for building a blockchain network with technical, academic and business mentors from IBM and Columbia.

IPwe, along with the other program participants, will have access to agile design workshops from IBM, an experienced network of business and technical support, connections to the Columbia research community and student talent pools, business value design assistance, and access to the IBM Cloud. The program consists of three multi-day modules extending over the next three months in New York City and San Francisco.

“We are honored and elated that IPwe has been selected to participate. When we started IPwe a year ago, we had huge ambitions to create the patent asset class by creating a platform where the patent ecosystem could get information, transact and interact,” says Erich Spangenberg, Founder and CEO of IPwe. “We anticipated it would take a couple years before anyone really paid attention. There are some great mid-stage companies out there and being selected by IBM for this program is incredibly gratifying. We believe this program will be transformational.”

Original Press Release from IBM:

About IPwe

IPwe’s blockchain-powered patent platform is revolutionizing the patent ecosystem. It will make today’s patent transactions (buy/sell/license) much easier to conduct, and it will enable new types of patent transactions that are currently impractical (crowdsourcing R&D, patent-based financing, and much more). IPwe is fostering innovation and helping patent owners generate revenue from their investment. IPwe will have an impact on everyone who works with patents. 

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January 22, 2019

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