IPwe Appoints Jonas Block as Head of AI Development

PARIS, June 30, 2020 — IPwe today announced that Jonas Block has joined the IPwe Team as Head of AI Development. In his new role as a senior executive of IPwe, Jonas will be responsible for identifying, designing and commercializing AI product solutions.

Jonas joins IPwe from Kather Augenstein, a leading German boutique law firm for patent litigation, where he advised national and international clients with a strong focus on cross-border standard essential patent (SEP) litigation. In the last six years, Jonas has gained insights into the views of companies, lawyers, researchers, experts and judges on IP – which results in his multifaceted approach to what the users of patent analytics tools expect and need to facilitate the transaction of their IP efficiently. Jonas is also publishing scientific articles on the topic of national and international developments in SEP assertion and licensing on a regular basis.

“IPwe has a spectacular team of data scientists, linguists and experts in AI with 75+ years of experience in patent focused AI analytic solutions. Jonas will set the product road map for new AI solution that meet the unique needs of the key players in the patent ecosystem,” said Erich Spangenberg, CEO of IPwe. “We don’t need another heat map, we want to deliver answers that work for both professionals who can then augment these results with their professional judgement as well as financial and other professionals who are looking for answers within acceptable ranges of certainty.”

“There is much discussion about future-proofing the patent ecosystem in times where the innovation velocity as reached an unprecedented level at a global scale. My impression is that the actors in the patent space need to ruthlessly focus on two key items that lie in the roots of the patent system and its justification towards society: transparency and quality. Currently, the market is fragmented and trying to cope with the ever-increasing filing numbers at the patent offices to separate the wheat from the chaff and identify which patents are really important for the further development of technology areas and companies. On the special topic of SEP licensing, there is currently another layer of uncertainty because of the inhomogeneous approach taken on an international level. To go forward, it is important to identify the similarities of the respective solutions and build on those towards a solution rather than to create domestic SEP litigation hotspots.

IPwe’s technology and novel approach dissolve the existing access restrictions – whether legal or financial – and open the global IP commercialization markets for everyone by leveraging a unique combination of AI, blockchain and experience. This will facilitate transactions for all players in the IP ecosystem independent of their size and budgets, rebuild faith in IP as a reliable asset class and transform the way patents are found, managed and transacted.” – Jonas Block was quoted as stating.

Jonas Block is a graduate of the University of Passau and has associated with the globally respected Appeal Senate around Dr Kühnen at the Higher Regional Court Düsseldorf during his education. He was recently awarded his PhD from the University of Freiburg, supervised by international patent expert Prof Maximilian Haedicke, and his thesis topic was on SEP valuation and licensing at low transaction costs using exponential technologies. Jonas will be based in IPwe’s Paris office.

June 30, 2020

July 1, 2020

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