IPwe and ANYFIVE Form a Strategic Alliance

IPwe and ANYFIVE form a strategic alliance to offer the first platform for the global patent business powered by Blockchain & AI

PARIS – SEOUL –Feb 11 2019: IPwe, the world’s first global patent transaction platform, formed a strategic alliance with ANYFIVE, a company that integrates R&D and intellectual property rights solutions and services. Together, IPwe and ANYFIVE will remove the complexities out of patent transactions, combine blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce frictions within the patent ecosystem and unleash the economic potential of patents globally.

IPwe and ANYFIVE have joined forces to co-innovate and develop a comprehensive suite of solutions: from patent analysis and evaluation, annuity payment, patent sale and licensing, IP finance, insurance and consulting.

With this strategic alliance, ANYFIVE becomes a key service partner of the IPwe Platform and IPwe serves as an offshore partner for ANYFIVE’s solutions, hosted on the IPwe Platform. ANYFIVE maintains a market share of nearly 80% in the Korean patent management solution market. In particular, IPwe will pair its solutions to support whole business cycles and related service technology. With IPwe, the market leader in technology solutions for transacting in patents and patent services, and ANYFIVE’s consulting services for the discovery, creation and utilization of IP creates credible, innovative and efficient end-to-end solutions to the patent ecosystem. The formation of the alliance between the two companies will bring a significant impact on the global IP market.

“ANYFIVE recognized early on that AI will impact the way patents are managed, transacted and financed”, said ANYFIVE’s CEO, KJ KIM. “We are excited to partner with IPwe’s transactional expertise.  It will allow us to help Korean patent owners unleash the potential of their patent portfolio while reducing the cost of ownership. At the same time, IPwe will propel our own AI solutions on the global market.”

“Korea is a pivotal market”, said Vince Fritzsimmons, IPwe’s COO. “We are thrilled to partner with the expertise and market reach that ANYFIVE brings.”

“ANYFIVE has developed a blockchain expertise as early as 2017. With IPwe, we will be able to deploy a blockchain-based platform and transform it into benefits for the patent ecosystem,” continued Brian JANG, ANYFIVE VP for International Development. 

Erich Spangenberg, IPwe’s CEO, concluded: “A day will come when patents will be treated as a standard asset class by investors and finance executives. IPwe and ANYFIVE are making this a reality.” 

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ANYFIVE was founded in 2003 and is the leading Korean IP platform services company in R&D and intellectual property services, investing approximately 20% of its revenues in technology development. Serving IP industry and technology experts, governments, departments, universities and corporations, ANYFIVE provides consulting and solution services. ANYFIVE’s IP-Brain, cloud-based patent management solution, IP-Manager, R&D project management Solution E-Brain, Electronic Research Note SmartLAB provides integrated solutions that are necessary for R&D and IP cycle of companies. In addition, in the second half of 2017, ANYFIVE has established a R&D center that researches and develops blockchains and AI to promote a global IP service platform. For more information, visit www.anyfive.com/.

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IPwe is leveraging the power of AI and Hyperledger to offer a fully automated transaction platform for patent analysis, transactions and related services. IPwe is the place to obtain information, transact and interact for the patent ecosystem.

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February 11, 2019

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