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Artificial Intelligence Project Manager – Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning


IPwe is building the world’s first platform for patent transactions. With over 15M active patents in the world from 200 national patent offices and patents multiple languages, IPwe has unique challenges in helping the world discover patents. You will build leading edge technologies that will bridge commercial language and patent language and help further innovation for the patent ecosystem.


We are looking for highly motivated scientists with strong background in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). This position provides a unique opportunity to apply and develop cutting-edge and pioneering methodologies to language technology challenges and opportunities in the intellectual property space (patents, scientific literature, technical publications) and technology commercialization arena. The primary responsibility of this role is to formulate, engineer, and deploy innovative NLP and ML solutions in the IPwe platform as it relates to patent discovery and valuation.

Key Qualifications

● Academic / Industry experience in NLP and ML, or similar experience in developing language technologies.

● Strong coding and software engineering skills in a mainstream programming language, such as Python, Java, C/C++.

● Familiarity with NLP and ML tools and packages, including deep neural network-based frameworks.

● Practical experience building production quality applications related to NLP and ML.

● In-depth knowledge of ML algorithms and ability to apply them in data driven NLP systems.

● Ability to quickly prototype ideas / solutions, perform critical analysis, and use creative approaches for solving complex problems.

● Ability to collaborate closely with cross-functional teams.

● Clear oral and written communication.

● Fluent in English.

Education & Experience

Masters / PhD in Machine Learning, Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics or a related field with specialization in natural language processing and/or machine learning.

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